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Become an entrepreneur in business finance and start building your wealth portfolio. Do it with the most popular, highest rated, and results-driven training series in the industry.

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Recession Proof Industry

Alternative lending thrives even through the tough times. More than 75% of the small business loan applications are declined by the traditional banks. Approval rates get worse during a recession, while the alternative lending industry keeps funding small businesses no matter what. 

Multiple Streams of Income

Blueprint helps you gain mastery on multiple business and start-up lending options, so you always have solutions for your clients. And in return, you can build  and scale your own business through residual income, repeat and upfront income. 

Offer The Most Demanded Product Ever

Money is the sexiest product you can ever offer to others in the market. By being a Business Loan Broker in the Alternative Lending Industry, you will access the most valued products and offer it to other businesses. No matter what happens, businesses will always need more funds. 

Here is how it works

At Power Brokers we provide everything you need to become a successful business loan broker, most importantly how to be a professional business owner

  • Battle Tested System Hundreds of members recommending our Blueprint can’t all be wrong. If you are serious about making a transformation in your life or in business, you need a plan that simply works. The Blueprint system is not based on trial or error, it’s based on thousands of hours of experience and is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. 
  • Power Broker Community Most of our members state that the community alone was worth more than the investment. You can’t expect to experience massive positive change without changing your environment and your support group. In our community you have access to hundreds of people who were where you are right now and ready to give you a hand to help you grow and prosper. 
  • Unlimited Earning As a Business Loan Broker, you can choose to build your business to replace your  income to get rid of your job (golden handcuffs), or build a highly profitable six figure home based  business or scale your organization 7 Figures. All of them have been accomplished by our members through the Blueprint. 
  • Expert Mentorship - Lifetime Support We will never drop you into a training without any help or support.
    Get 24/7 access to our six and seven figure experts in our Facebook group, weekly Q&A calls and our internal support team with whatever you need to grow your business.
  • Resources At Your Fingertips Access to actual Lenders, 10+ lending options you can offer to your customers, a true consultant’s approach to getting more sales, lead generation systems that brings you hot leads on demand, 24/7 access to the training platform, and most importantly a true working plan to start funding deals and generating revenue.
  • No Prior Experience Required Business Lending Blueprint members learn how to build a real, online business with no to low overhead that provides location freedom (work from anywhere) , time freedom (choose when to work) , start part time or go all in full time to experience the true meaning of being an entrepreneur. 

They Say

What They Say

We did a close to 300,000.
I’m working on $500,000"

“We funded last month, we did a close to 300,000. I’m working on $500,000. So, if that one closes this month, actually I found out this guy had properties and I’m working on the 1.95 million dollar deal with that one right now.

Jenny Roberts - Loan broker

"It’s pretty much steady now, $30,000 each and every month"

“...I mean, it’s pretty much steady now, $30,000 each and every month. So, that’s been my biggest benefit. If you’re newer to the industry, and you follow the steps that are in the course, and you get support from the group, there’s really no reason why you won’t be able to succeed.” 

Jenny Martins

..That deal was $183,000 loan amount and I made almost $7,000.

 “...That deal was $183,000 loan amount and I made almost $7,000.Another loan amount was about $123,000, I made more than $4,000. I forgot to mention too. And we have a $2 million transactional funding deal that we’re trying to get closed by the end of this month.”

todd jones

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